Bad Therapy? False Memories?

Incest and physical, sexual, and emotional abuse of children and adults are real problems. So are false accusations due to so-called "repressed memories" which are supposedly "recovered" during "therapy." Tens of thousands of innocent, loving families have been shattered by false accusations due to false memories that were created by misinformed therapists. Are you or a friend or loved one in therapy? DON'T BE THE NEXT VICTIM! DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY! Go to and learn how to protect your family from "therapies" based on dangerous, discredited, junk science beliefs like "repressed memories," "memory recovery," and the use of hypnosis to "recover repressed memories" of past lives, alien abduction, satanic ritual abuse, and incest. Thousands of women who sought treatment for depression, anxiety, or other common problems have been led through suggestive reading, leading questions, "relaxation" and "guided imagery" techniques, and hypnosis to believe that they were the victims of daily, violent, ritual and sexual abuse by parents and siblings throughout their childhoods, and that they "repressed" the memory of every event until decades later in therapy.

Read these excerpts from an April press release by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, announcing the results of a comprehensive review of the literature on recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse which was published in the April 1998 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry: