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Immunity From Civil Suit for Complaints to Licensing Boards

If a person has been the victim of bad therapy, one of the few things she or her family can do is file a complaint with the therapist's state licensing board if the therapist is licensed, or file a complaint alleging unlicensed practice of medicine or psychology if the therapist is unlicensed.

Believe it or not, in many states, a person filing such a complaint has to accept the risk that the therapist may file a lawsuit alleging libel or defamation of character! Thus, a person who is in good faith reporting a public nuisance to the relevant state licensing board has to risk a lawsuit to do it!

This is madness. Some states provide immunity from civil suit for complaints filed in good faith with state licensing boards. Every state should. By filling sending the email messages on this site's home page, you will ask your Governor, state senator, and state representative to introduce legislation providing such immunity so that former clients and their families need not risk a suit to report an irresponsible, incompetent, or mentally ill therapist.

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