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What You Can Do To Help

"I swore never to be silent whenever or wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides; neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented" --Elie Wiesel

1. Write or Email Your Elected Officials

Take just a few minutes of your time to email your state and federal representatives to ask that they pass the Truth and Responsibility in Mental Health Practices Act, legislation to protect the mentally ill and their families from unsafe, untested, ineffective, dangerous and completely bogus therapies by requiring informed consent before mental therapy begins. Fifty years after the Nuremberg trials, isn't it time that mental health providers respect the basic human right to be informed about risks, benefits, and alternatives to treatment and to be given a chance to decide before becoming the subject of a human experiment? And isn't it time that we stop wasting taxpayer and health insurance dollars on "therapies" which have been shown to hurt the patient?

2. Write or Email the Mental Health Industry Trade Groups

Write the following organizations and demand that they:
  • issue clear, scientifically based, unambiguous guidelines against the use of so-called "memory recovery therapy"--guidelines as strong as those recently issued by the Royal College of Psychiatry in the United Kingdom
  • require all of their members to advise clients of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to any proposed mental therapy and obtain informed consent prior to beginning therapy
  • publicly call for a federal review of all convictions based upon "repressed memory" testimony
It's time to end the exploitation of the mentally ill and the waste of taxpayer dollars and health insurance premiums on 'therapies' which actually harm patients! Be sure to include your return address on every letter and email.
Industry Trade Group Contact Information
American Psychiatric Association Print and mail this letter, or copy this text and paste it into an email message to
American Psychological Society Print and mail this letter, or copy this text and paste it into an email message to
American Psychological Association Print and mail this letter, or copy this text and paste it into an email message to
National Association of Social Workers Print and mail this letter.
American Medical Association Print and mail this letter.

3. Write Online Book Reviews at!

Use our Write a Book Review page to submit online reviews for publication at and Our Write a Book Review page makes it easy--just click the links and type! You can make a difference by warning book buyers about the danger of suggestive books and writing positive reviews of good books!

4. Email your friends and tell them to visit!

Warn your friends about the dangers of bad therapy and ask for their help in putting an end to it! Feel free to copy this sample text. If you have been affected by this problem personally, consider this sample text for affected families, and customize it to your personal situation for maximum impact. (Note: please do not 'spam' these messages to newsgroups or mailing lists which are unrelated to therapy or abuse.)

5. Link to this site from your home page!

Help make people aware of the problem and create pressure on our elected officials and the professional organizations for a solution! See how to link to this site from your home page!

6. Join

Get more involved in the fight against bad therapy. There's strength in numbers! Membership is free. See our list of ways to volunteer to help, and also be sure to email us with your own ideas! (Read our privacy and anti-spam policy.)

7. Ask your local library to carry our recommended books!

Print out our list of recommended books, mail it to your local library, and ask them to carry every one!

8. Post a public notice advertising this site!

Help warn people about the danger before they are deceived and their family is shattered! Print 10 copies of this flier and post them on the public notice boards at your local supermarkets and shopping malls!

9. Place a free ad to advertise this site!

Many areas have local 'Penny Saver' free newspapers or college newspapers which will print noncommercial public notices for free. Submit this advertisement for publication!

10. Join the False Memory Syndrome Foundation

If you want to keep up with the latest developments, join the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. It will send you the monthly FMS Foundation Newsletter. Print this membership and subscription form and survey and mailing them both to the address on the form.

Be sure to send us your ideas for other ways to fight back! For other inquiries, see our contact info

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
--Margaret Mead


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