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Privacy and Anti-Spam Policies

Note: these policies only apply to the mailing lists and membership information of Mailing lists of other organizations (such as the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, whose news and research lists we link to) are governed by those organizations' policies. (As a practical matter, the FMS Foundation doesn't release people's contact information without their prior consent, and they don't spam people with direct marketing or send an unreasonable volume of email--I subscribe myself!--but in the spirit of full disclosure, we want to emphasize that the below policies only apply to our own lists.)

Privacy Policy of

  • We will not ever release any identifying or contact information about members of this organization, visitors to this site, and subscribers to our mailing list (including but not limited to name, email address, phone number, fax number, and mailing address) to anyone for any purpose.
  • We will only retain your email address if you subscribe to our mailing list, become a member of the organization, or contact the webmaster directly. (If you click the tally button, we will see your email address, but we won't retain it. We'll just add to our tally and delete the email message. If you are uncomfortable about this, either temporarily change your return email address to a fake address [using your browser's Identity preferences] before you send the message, or just don't participate in the tally.)
Anti-Spam Policy of
  • Per the privacy policy, we will never release your email address to anyone for any purpose, so joining our mailing list or the organization will not cause you to receive spam from other organizations or companies.
  • Messages from will always contain instructions on how to remove yourself from the mailing list. We will promptly remove you from the list if you so request.
  • We will not waste your time with a flood of pointless email messages. We will only send you email when we have something of consequence to say.
About Privacy on the Internet
  • In the spirit of full disclosure, we should point out that when you send unencrypted electronic mail to us, government officials, or anyone else, your email address is being transmitted "in the clear" (i.e. in readable form) over the public Internet and could in theory be read by someone who was monitoring a server along the way. In practice, this is more of a theoretical risk than a real problem because:
    • a typical email travels only about six minutes before it is delivered
    • no one can predict what path a given email will follow across the Internet
  • If you are nonetheless worried about this risk, send a letter instead of an email.

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