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What People are Saying About

The feedback we've been receiving about from researchers, affected families, retractors, responsible therapists, and members of the public has been fantastic. Here is a sample of the comments received:

"Just wanted to pass along a word of thanks to you for having spent so much time and energy in helping expose the garbage of the 'therapy world.'  As a long time skeptic of most of what passes for 'help,' I have not found many 'colleagues' to be open to challenging the most basic assumptions underlying so much of the crap which passes for 'therapy.'  I have been a Ph.D. psychologist in private practice for over 20 years, and, as you can imagine, I don't get invited to too many soirees!  In any case, thanks again for your site and my support to you and your associates." -- Paul Critelli, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice

"Repressed memory theory has been a catastrophe not only for the mental health profession but also for a legal system that too often shows itself willing to entertain almost any sensational charge of wrongdoing. gives us a invaluable source of factual ammunition as we work to correct the injustices that have been visited on the innocent." -- Walter Olson, author of The Litigation Explosion and editor of []

"My work highlights the disturbingly large number of mental health professionals who treat their patients on the basis of often idiosyncratic personal beliefs and misinformation.  Specifically, those therapists who hold basic misconceptions about human memory,  hypnosis, and the power of suggestion are potentially harmful to their patients through their ability to influence them to adopt similarly erroneous and even dangerous ideas about the origin and meaning of their symptoms. will help to educate both therapists and the public and thereby help prevent future tragedies of therapeutic malpractice." -- Michael Yapko, Ph.D., author of Suggestions of Abuse

"Research shows that under the right circumstances, false memories can be planted in some people, even for events that would have been upsetting had they actually happened. is a unique effort to bring to public attention the risks of some therapy techniques, and to hopefully minimize faulty diagnoses and false accusations.   We all have an interest in preventing future tragedies." -- Elizabeth Loftus, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington at Seattle and author of The Myth of Repressed Memories

"It is time psychotherapists are held to the same accountability as other industries are when selling goods and treatments to the consumers of this state.  Licensing boards must also be accountable to the consumers instead of protecting therapists who practice therapies that have never been shown to be safe and effective. is a wakeup call to the boards that consumers will no longer allow their tax dollars to be spent on protecting irresponsible psychotherapists while they harm more innocent people." -- Deborah David, retractor

" provides a comprehensive, valuable one-stop web site for information on the recovered memory phenomenon.  Countless psychotherapy clients have been led into false memories of sexual abuse that harm their mental health and destroy their families.  When people enter therapy, they are, by definition, in a vulnerable state.  It is reprehensible to encourage the search for mythical 'memories' with pseudoscientific methods. is a vital resource for all who seek to understand this phenomenon." -- Mark Pendergrast, author of Victims of Memory

"I am especially grateful to Eric whose sister made a false accusation following which, Eric did not sit around and say 'woe is me,' but rolled up his sleeves and fought back by starting one of the best sites on the web." -- "Dawn Pelton," the pen name of an affected mother who published her family's story in "Confabulations" and "The Myth of Repressed Memories"

"This site provides a wealth of information for people interested in the topic of false memories and the therapeutic techniques that carry a heavy risk of causing them. It provides a central location for the public to obtain information about the licensing and monitoring of professionals by state regulatory boards." -- Pamela Freyd, Ph.D., Executive Director of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation

"[] is the work of a devoted brother, a caring and responsible human being, and a bright, creative man who has converted his pain and outrage to action. I commend Eric Krock for his long hard work and for his actualizing a much needed service." -- Carol Marks, MFCC

"Thanks for your comprehensive site on the subject of repressed memories.  This is a subject that I knew very little about and never
gave much thought to until my husband was falsely accused by his brother's step daughter of molestation recently.  She started going to a
therapist and underwent hypnosis." -- Sue in Lake Havasu, AZ

"Great information on your site. Thank you." -- a master's-level therapist in North Carolina

"Thanks for your hard work." -- "Maria" in California

"I find your site informative and wise." -- Anonymous

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