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Contact Information and Mailing Address welcomes all comments, inquiries, and feedback. You can reach us at the email address mail2eric {at symbol} However, before you send an inquiry to this site, please look over all of the site's pages and refer to all of the resources listed on the resource pages. In particular:
  • this site and its staff cannot provide legal advice; talk to friends and family or contact your local bar association for a referral to a competent attorney who is willing to provide a free consultation
  • this site and its staff cannot provide medical advice or counseling; see your family doctor for an evaluation and information about what treatment or referrals may be appropriate
  • this site cannot provide referrals to or recommendations of attorneys, medical or mental health professionals, or any other service providers; the best way to find a good one is to get a recommendation from a trusted friend and check the person's qualifications and state board license first! (This site does have an online list of attorneys who are willing to provide a free consultation, but we cannot and do not provide any evaluation of the listed individuals' competence!)
This site is very limited in its ability to respond to indvidual inquiries. As much as we would like to respond to every question, suggestion, or request, we simply do not have the resources to do so at this time, so we cannot promise a timely response or any response at all. (Volunteers are needed and welcome!) The expense of creating and maintaining this site is being paid entirely out of the sponsor's pocket. Likewise, site maintenance and responses to inquiries are done on the sponsor's nights and weekends. Therefore, please set your expectations about responsiveness accordingly, and please make sure that you use the other resources listed on this site before sending an inquiry. Also, please understand that any email responses will be terse and do not be offended by their brevity.

Resources to use before you contact this site directly:

  • for general information about the problem of False Memory Syndrome, please contact the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and ask for their free information packet.
  • to learn more, read our recommended books, videos, and reports.
  • if you are a member of a family affected by False Memory Syndrome and wish to find other families in your local area, join the False Memory Syndrome Foundation or subscribe to its printed newsletter; every edition of the newsletter contains a list of the local contacts for each state who can invite you to meetings of the local chapters. (You can read back issues of the newsletter online for free at the False Memory Syndrome Foundation Web Site.)
  • if you are a member of a family affected by False Memory Syndrome and want to know what else you can do, read our options for affected families.
  • if you are a retractor and want to know what else you can do, read our options for retractors.
  • if you are seeking legal advice, the best way to find a good attorney is to talk to trusted friends, get a recommendation, check the attorney's credentials by calling the state bar Association, and ask for a free consultation, but you may also see our list of attorneys who will provide a free consultation.
  • if you are offended by this site or feel that it in any way questions the reality or importance of rape, incest, or abuse of any kind, read this disclaimer.
  • if you still believe the theory that it is possible (or even common!) for victims of repeated, violent, long-term sexual abuse to instantaneously, spontaneously, and completely "repress" their memory of each and every event for many years so that there is no conscious awareness of the abuse, then to later "recover" these "memories" in therapy or by reading books, read Second Thoughts by Paul Simpson, a psychologist who once practiced "regression therapy" but has since realized his mistake and now works to warn people about the dangers of "regression therapy" and "memory recovery therapy." One of his book's chapters, A Word to Regression Believers, is hosted here on and may be of special interest to you.
  • if you believe there is a basis in the Bible for memory recovery therapy or that such "therapy" has any role in counseling by clergy, read Second Thoughts by Paul Simpson. A former regression therapist and devout Christian, Simpson convincingly demonstrates that there is no basis in the Bible for the theories espoused by memory recovery therapists and that in fact their beliefs contradict everything that Christ teaches.
  • if you believe in satanic ritual abuse:
  • if you are a member of the media who is writing a story about False Memory Syndrome or this web site, please read our Media Information Page which includes media contact information for this web site.
  • if you are a state or federal elected official or one of their legislative staff who is researching the problem of False Memory Syndrome or the Truth and Responsibility in Mental Health Practices Act, please read our Legislative Staff Information Page which includes contact information for this web site for state and federal elected officials and their legislative staff.
If you still want to get in touch with this site about something else,  read our email and mail addresses.

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