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Rape, Incest, Abuse, and Neglect are Real Problems

Rape, incest, abuse (be it physical, sexual, or emotional, and be it directed at children or adults), and molestation and neglect of children are all real problems, and absolutely nothing on this site is intended to or does deny the reality or importance of these problems. Real victims of these crimes deserve compassion and support. Actual perpetrators of these crimes should be brought to justice.

One of the many tragedies of the memory recovery movement is that by teaching people to believe and tell stories of bizarre and impossible fantasies like repressed memories of satanic ritual abuse, alien abduction, abuse in past lives, and other nonsense, it sometimes causes others to doubt the stories told by real victims of repeated, long-term abuse, who generally have always remembered what happened to them. Thus, the real victims of abuse are harmed a second time by therapists who lead people to believe that they have recovered massively-repressed memories of repeated incest, ritual satanic abuse, or alien abduction while in therapy and who insist that they too be believed in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

If you are a genuine victim of any crime, bless you and good luck in overcoming the tragedy and building a happy, succcessful life in spite of it. This site is intended to help real victims of crime by educating the public to separate real victims from the "manufactured victims" created by bad therapy and to ensure that scarce public resources are allocated to real victims who genuinely need the assistance rather than those whose real problems (whatever they may have been) were misinterpreted and worsened during bad therapy.

Is this Site "Disrespectful" to Those Who Believe They are the Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse?

Every human being deserves to have their basic human rights respected. (One of those rights, as emphasized by the Nuremberg trials, is the right to be informed about the risks, benefits, and alternatives to treatment before becoming the subject of a human experiment--a human right that "memory recovery therapists" routinely violate.)

I absolutely appreciate the very real emotional pain experienced by people who believe they have "recovered memories" of repeated satanic ritual abuse which had been "massively repressed" for years. The fact that these "memories" are false (not of actual events) does not make the pain any less real.

However, you cannot and do not show "respect" for a person by confirming them in false beliefs. That is pandering, not respect, and it is profoundly harmful if the false beliefs are causing a person to act in ways that are harmful to them and those around them.

People who hold false beliefs do not have any right to expect others to remain silent. No one has the right to censor others, even if he or she disagrees with what they have to say.

Self-described "Survivors" of satanic ritual abuse need tough love, not pandering. As long as they blame their emotional problems (which in many cases are readily identifiable mental illnesses and personality disorders, and in others are simply the result of bad therapy and the pain of estrangement from friends and family) on the wrong cause, their life will be a nightmare. They will misinterpret their very real problems and symptoms as further confirmation of their mistaken beliefs, and this will prevent them for searching for alternative explanations and effective treatments which will help rather than harm them.

This site shows the ultimate measure of respect for self-described "Survivors" of satanic ritual abuse by asserting that they are competent, responsible human beings who have the power and the potential to overcome their current state of delusion and self-absorption and once again become happy, healthy human beings who can enjoy their lives and contribute to the lives of others and to society. This site challenges them to become more, instead of telling them it's OK to remain less. Does Not Offer Legal Advice

The creator of is not an attorney. Neither he nor can provide legal advice, and nothing on this site attempts to do so. If you are affected in any way by therapeutic malpractice or False Memory Syndrome, strongly urges you to contact an attorney immediately, regardless of who you are, what your situation is, or whether or not you are considering taking action of any kind. An attorney can advise you about your legal rights and responsibilities under the laws of your state and can tell you how much time you have to make a decision before civil and criminal statutes of limitations expire. An attorney can also advise you about the legal risks of any action you may be considering. Believe it or not, if you report a therapist to a state licensing board, the therapist may be able to sue you for libel or other reasons, so be careful no matter what you do or don't do, and seek professional legal advice first! Does Not Offer Counseling, Therapy, or Diagnoses

The creator of is not a trained health professional of any kind. Neither he nor can provide medical, psychological, or psychiatric advice, and nothing on this site attempts to do so. If you are experiencing symptoms of any physical or mental illness (including but not limited to depression and self-destructive thoughts or behavior), see a medical doctor (M.D.) immediately for an evaluation and diagnosis and a discussion of what further steps, if any, may be appropriate. If you are feeling suicidal, go to the nearest hospital emergency room immediately for an evaluation. Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms of illness, regular medical checkups are important for maintaining your physical and mental health, so if you haven't seen a doctor recently, schedule an appointment.

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