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Why I Created this Web Site

How would you feel if one day, out of the blue, your sister sent you a letter saying that both sets of your grandparents had headed satanic cults and that both you and she were the victims as children of satanic rituals including human sacrifice of babies, children, and adolescents, cannibalism, animal sacrifice, being shut in coffins with dead bodies, and marriages to Satan and high priests of the cults?

How would you feel if she went on to accuse you of the most unthinkable crimes, saying you had physically and sexually abused her during childhood, torturing and beating her, being careful to leave no physical evidence?

How would you feel if your sister then announced in the letter that she would never speak to you again, then cut off all contact and disappeared?

How would you feel if you were accused, tried, convicted, and sentenced in absentia, without your knowledge, without due process, without the chance to face your accuser or refute the charges, in the kangaroo court of an incompetent therapist's office?

Welcome to the world of the "Memory Recovery Movement."

I don't have to wonder how this feels. I know how it feels because it has happened to me.

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