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How to Submit Newspaper, Magazine, and Online Articles for Linking and/or Hosting is always looking for new articles to link to or host. We welcome your suggestions of good articles on the topics of bogus therapies, licensing board disciplinary action against therapists, the myth of memory repression, lawsuits against therapists, and the fraud of memory recovery therapy.

The easiest way to add a link is to provide us an existing URL we can link to. For example, if you want to add a link to a New York Times article, and the New York Times has made that article available on their site, it's easy for us to link to the article because we do not need their permission to add a link.

If an article is not available on the Web, is eager to host it online. At a minimum, we need you to email us the name of the publication, the date, the title of the article, and (if possible) the name of the article's author. However, we need two things before we can host an article online:

  • we must get permission from the article's publisher. This takes time, and this site's author has limited time to track down publishers, so if you can email us a contact email address, fax number, or phone number for requesting permission, that will be a huge help! Better yet, if you have the time, please call the publisher yourself, ask permission, and have them email permission to the email address permission at! (We will have to confirm the granting of permission, so please email us the contact information for the person you talked to in this case.)
  • we have to get an electronic copy of the article (an email version, a newsgroup posting, an HTML web page, or a Microsoft Word or WordPerfect file are all acceptable formats). If you have this, please email it to us. If you don't have an electronic copy but you have some time, please type the article's text into an email message and send it to us. If you don't have the time, we'll have to type in ourselves. Either way, please send us a printed copy of the article at our address so that we can doublecheck the version you typed in or type it in ourselves.
If you have written or published an article and wish to provide this site with a copy, feel free.  Send us email to let us know it's coming (and include an electronic copy of the article if you can), then  mail a hard copy of the article to this address.

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