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Recommended Videos

The Experiences of Families Caught in this Tragedy

"When Memories Lie... The Rutherford Family Speaks To Families" (1 hour video)
During therapy, one of the three Rutherford family daughters came to believe that she had "recovered repressed memories" of her father and mother physically and sexually abusing her. The other daughters came to believed the accusations, and the family was divided with the children cutting off contact from the parents. The daughters conveyed the accusations to the father's church and he lost his job as a church official. Fortunately, the daughters ultimately realized one by one that the "memories" were not real and the family was reunited. In this insightful video, four of the Rutherford family members each recount their experience, their perspective on what happened, and the lessons which others can learn from this family's experience. Topics discussed include how the memories developed, how the daughters' lives deteriorated, how the daughters perceived the parents' actions during this period, the impact of the accusations on the parents, how the parents coped with the accusations, how two of the daughters cooperated with the parents to help bring the third daughter back, and how the parents acted while in the process of resuming contact with the accusing daughter. This is a story with a happy ending and with valuable lessons for any family which is split by "recovered memories" and accusations. At only $10, it's an unbeatable deal too! Click here for an order form which you can print, fill out, and mail. You can also read a detailed description of the family's experiences online.


False Memory Syndrome by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (16 min video)
This video presents an overview of False Memory Syndrome, a devastating phenomenon that has affected tens of thousands of individuals and families worldwide. At the time the video was produced, more than 16,000 families and several hundred retractors had contacted the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. It is their images and voices that tell this tragic, yet sometimes hopeful, story. The video also explores the key psychiatric, psychological and scientific issues through interviews with world-renowned researchers and clinicians. To order this video, contact the FMS Foundation at 800 568 8882. ($10 each plus $2.50 shipping and handling per tape.)
Memory and Reality: Emerging Crisis (90 min video)
This video is excerpts from a conference sponsored by the FMS Foundation in Valley Forge, PA, April 1993. Leading psychiatrists, psychologists, researchers, and attorneys share their research, investigations and experiences and knowledge about:
  • Memory: What it is and what it isn't
  • What is False Memory Syndrome?
  • Consequences of false memories
  • Repression: Is it fact or fiction?
  • How is FMS therapeutically induced?
  • Legal issues of FMS
Order this video directly from Gemini Productions, Inc. Phone: 216 252 4650. $69.50 includes shipping and handling.
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