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Recommended Reports and Statements

Statements by Professional Organizations

Royal College of Psychiatrists American Psychiatric Association American Psychological Association American Medical Association
  • Memories of childhood abuse. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. 1995;43:114-117. (April 1995)
  • 1984 Board Statement on Hypnosis.

The Myth of Satanic Ritual Abuse

Report by FBI Special Agent Kenneth Lanning entitled "Child Sex Rings: A Behavioral Analysis for Criminal Justice Professionals Handling Cases of Child Sexual Exploitation."
There are three ways to get this report:
Anyone who believes the myth of satanic ritual abuse and any law enforcement professional investigating sexual abuse allegations should read this report. Writing from the law enforcement perspective, Lanning notes that in the more than 12,000 investigated cases involving allegations of satanic ritual abuse, no evidence to support the accusations has ever been found. He provides a clear definition of the four characteristics (or "dimensions") which are common to cases he defines as allegations of "multidimensional child sex rings," namely multiple young victims, multiple offenders, fear as the controlling tactic, and bizarre or ritualistic activity. He points out that the claims made by ritual abuse believers involve activities (human sacrifice of large numbers of people, breeding of babies for sacrifice, etc.) that would be impossible to keep secret if they actually occurred on the scale and in the frequency described by believers.
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