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Policy on Evaluating and Listing Books

  • This site will not provide a comprehensive list of all books on the topic of false memory syndrome. It will only list books which the site author has read, likes, and feels provide some special value meriting inclusion.
  • Because of the sensitive and controversial nature of the topic, the site can only list books which have been read in their entirety and evaluated by the site's author, who has limited time available for reading additional books on the topic.
  • An author or publisher who hopes to see their book listed on this site may if they wish mail the site an evaluation copy of the book, but there is no guarantee that the book will ever be read or that the site's author will like or list the book. Any submitted books become the site author's property and will not be returned; the site's author is unfortunately too busy to read books within specified periods or to mail them back.
If you have written or published a book on the topic of false memory syndrome and wish to provide this site with an evaluation copy, feel free.  Send us email to let us know it's coming, then  mail the book to this address.

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